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When a building has a good design, it gives people a chance to express themselves and to make their lives better. Offcentered,the sustainable architecture and interior design firm in Chennai have always been a very creative group. We come up with all kinds of ideas to make our buildings interesting and economic. We try to do the best to make the buildings energy efficient. Architects around the world have been building structures out of metal, wood, and concrete for centuries. 

Step 1 : Soil Test

A soil test can determine fertility, or the expected growth potential of the soil which indicates nutrient deficiencies, potential toxicities from excessive fertility and inhibitions from the presence of non-essential trace minerals. The test is used to mimic the function of roots to assimilate minerals.


Design is the most important aspect of a project.We follow a global design trend and incorporate the latest in structural expertise. We create meaning and infuse life into the space we design. We believe Architecture is about breaking out of the norms and integrating technology with the requirement to create an extraordinary but comprehensive design.Thats is the reason behind offcentered is continuing as the top archictures and interior designers in chennai

Design Approach

Step 2 : building Foundation and column Excavation

A foundation is a lower portion of building structure that transfers its gravity loads to the earth. Foundations are generally broken into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations. A tall building must have a strong foundation if it is to stand for a long time. A skyscraper deep foundation.


Style Diversity is a way of being unique and being stylish without compromising the quality. It’s not about creating something that’s not in style, it’s about being able to mix and match various items to create a totally unique look. We have an outstanding team of people who are curious about the world and work, which sparks a conversation that leads to fantastic designs when applied to our projects.

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step 3 : Roof Shuttering and
Concrete Work

Concrete work includes the following basic processes: preparation of the concrete mix; delivery of the mix to the construction site; feeding, distribution, and compaction of the mix in the formwork (molds); the curing of the concrete while it is hardening; and quality control of the concrete work.


Quality and value is an important part of what makes Offcentered, top architectural firms in Chennai so special. When it comes to creating a building, it’s all about the quality of the materials and the value of the work. Ours is a no-compromise policy – we will not compromise in the quality of the materials or the workmanship.

Step 4: Flooring, Electrical, Plumbing, Windows, Door, Gate Woork

Electricians install and maintain electrical systems in both indoor and outdoor settings. Plumbers move materials, liquids, and gasses in and out of buildings and areas by using pipes, drains, and fixtures. Plumbing fixtures are exchangeable devices that deliver and drain water from a plumbing system

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