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Simple guidelines for your estimated house
construction cost

Constructing a house is not as easy as it seems. It is essential to understand the things involved in construction. There is a lot of planning, designing, and charges that go into this process. But the main part of the construction is its cost and expenses. It is beneficial to make a budget because several challenges can arise during construction.

When constructing a home, a common question always arises on how much it will cost or what the Construction Cost Estimate will be. Constructing a house needs a lot of attention and a lot of preparation. The increment in the cost of land or plots, materials, and labour charges can be a problem for anyone constructing a house. You need to follow many guidelines and manage everything according to the plan.

Layout of plot

A plot layout is designed so that it will be easy to construct the building or a complex on the plot. The architect or plot designer designs a layout of the plot with the aid or guidance of the owner so that the construction team will work according to the layout.
The architecture or plot designer will charge you a respective fee for making a design for your plot. This fee may differ depending on the plot location.

Regulatory laws and norms

Before starting to build your house, make sure you have approval for construction. Now generally, if you happen to have governmental objects such as pillars, roads, electricity poles etc. in the area you plan to construct on, you must ensure you have a permit from the government for the same. If for any given reason you are unable to obtain certain permissions, you can be charged with a rather hefty fine.
For example, developed cities have strict building height and parking rules. If someone is constructing a 2-3 floor house, it is necessary to have parking space under your building. Else, you can be charged a fine.

Do you have any construction requirements?

Of course, the first thought to strike your mind when planning to build a house is surely the budget and the hit your wallet will eventually take after the process. Usually, this cost is calculated on a home construction cost per square foot basis. This consists of many components and steps. You also need a home construction cost calculator to estimate the cost expected to build your new house. You can anyway work backwards to restrain your budget according to any shortcomings or unseen expenditure. This means realising how much you can spend and then formulating a home to be built in a locale that will match your finances. To estimate the construction cost, you need a cost estimator.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Space packages cover my approvals if needed?

Space assists our clients in the approval process through the Construction Professionals on boarded on the platform. We are not directly involved in the approval process but our partners ensure that the clients get a completely hassle free experience.

2. What are the quality checks that you perform on the site?

We have our very own QASCON Checklist with 340+ Quality Checks. You can refer to the Quality section of the website.

3. Is compound wall included in the package?

Not all houses have a compound. Then,there are houses which require a compound wall on just two or three sides. By removing the compound wall from the package, we ensure that only the clients who opt for a compound wall, pay for it.

4. What happens if I want different brand of materials other than the one's in the packages?

Our packages are developed in a modular manner. Hence, any change in specification is as simple as add something to your shopping cart and remove something from the shopping cart.Our technical consultants can give a demo on this.

5. On what basis do you assign contractor to a project?

6. Approximately how long does it take to complete construction of one floor?

It takes about 5 months for the first floor and another 1.5 months for every floor beyond that. Duration also varies depending upon the built up area, location, design complexity etc.

7. Does Space provide loans as well?

Space assists the clients with the documentation part for the loan approval process. We have also partnered with a couple of banks and NBFCs for attractive interest rates.

8. Does Space Include the interior with the construction and provide the complete package?

There are separate packages for interior works if you wish to get the interiors done through Space.We have also collaborated with a couple of boutique designer firms for amazing interiors at competitive prices.

9. What if the prices of the materials increase when the project is ongoing. Would there be a price escalation?

The pricing of our contracts is frozen on a stamp paper. Hence, the prices remain stable in most of the scenarios. Only in exceptional situations where there is a sudden spike in prices due to external circumstances, the price variation is to be paid by the client. On the other hand, if there is a price drop, clients get a price reduction for the same.

10. What are the major factors on which house construction cost depends?

Construction cost of a house majorly depends upon the Super built-up area, Open area( ie Balcony, Utility), Quality of Construction material, and Interiors. Space provides various packages at different prices to suit your needs.

11. What is a super built-up area, built-up area, and carpet area?

Carpet Area is the total usable area inside the house that can be covered by Carpet. The carpet area excludes the balcony and other utility areas but does include the area covered by internal walls. Built-up Area is the sum of carpet area plus the area covered by the balcony,terrace, and other utility as well.

The Super built-up area is the total sum of the built-up area and space occupied by common areas like lobby, staircase, elevator, shafts, clubhouse. This is often referred to as a saleable area.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you start making a budget before starting the construction, understand and make exceptions:
Know the cost of construction materials, labour charge and days
Bear in mind that a mishappening can happen
Always set the budget higher than the actual budget
Hire a good contractor with good experience
Always let the people working with you know that they can’t go outside the budget without your concern under any circumstances
Always take enough time to make budgets because it requires a lot of thinking and predictions.
Constructing a house in Bangalore can be a little expensive. Here are some tips to reduce house construction cost in Bangalore:
Select the plot carefully
Selecting a plot is the main factor that can decrease or increase your construction cost. Always check the resources and accessibility easily available on your plot, such as water, electricity, and accessibilities to markets, roads, and schools, etc.
Check soil integrity
Soil can have a high impact on your budget. The softer the soil is, the deeper and stronger the foundation. In Bangalore, you will mostly find red soil, but always make sure to have a soil test so it won’t impact your budget.
Prepare the desired layout
Hiring an architect can save you from a lot of trouble. Architects don’t only design 4 wall structures but can have you spending more than 50% of your intended budget without their designs.
Project management
Coordination is essential with everyone working on your project. If there is a gap in coordination, your project can derail from the plan and hence cost you more than planned.

Regulatory norms are following the government rules and safety protocols for constructing a house. The government has set some rules for the construction of a house or a building like:

The height of the building should not be more than 15 metres
Balconies should not be more than 3 feet
Every building or a house should have parking in them
The distance between the central point of the road and the building should be 4.50 metres


It is always good to know the house construction cost before making the budget or starting the project. Here are some basics you need for house construction and how much they can affect your net worth:
Cement: a bag of cement costs is Rs.300
Bricks: One brick cost is Rs.6 to Rs.10
Sand: Per Tonne of sand cost Rs.1600 to Rs.3300
Steel: Per kg of steel costs Rs.45
Labour Rate: Rs.200 per sq
Door Frame: 1800 per unit
Door: type 1 costs Rs.3500 per unit, and type 2 costs Rs.2500 per unit
Kota Stone: Rs.40 per sq feet
You can also estimate your material cost beforehand.


The house construction cost estimate in India depends on many factors such as designing, labour charges, machinery used, the material chosen, interiors cost, and finishing cost. The average home construction of 1000 sq ft can cost up to Rs.1300 to Rs.5000 per sq feet. Also, it depends on the number of floors you will have. Each floor requires expenses, but floors other than the ground floor cost less because the layout and strength are always on the ground floor.


When you decide to build a house, make sure to make these considerations before starting the construction:
Ensure the location is good
Check the integrity of the soil and the level of the plot so that the construction work can be started.
Are supplies available at your place?
Make sure the electricity and water supplies are available to your area of construction.
Hire a professional
Having a contractor who has good years of experience and has built many projects can help you in terms of designing and money-saving.
People get very confused when it comes to layout designing. They get confused about whether to call an architect or an interior designer.
An architect is a person who is responsible for the façade and the structure of the house. In contrast, an interior designer is responsible for only the interior of the house.
An architect is a person who is approached when a building is needed to build from the ground level, or a place needs renovation. On the other hand, an interior designer is called when space requires a new design or requires a new facelift.


Various factors can affect the time required to construct a house or a building.
If we talk about 1900-2000 sq feet with 2 story houses, it usually takes 4-5 months to construct.
A contractor has experience in designing. But for a newcomer, it might take a long time before even starting the work.


Multiple processes take place step by step to construct a house successfully. Here are those steps in order:
The construction of a house in a developed city requires approvals of the house’s layout by the municipal organisations. This involves a lot of paperwork after which the construction can start with the set budget.
Making layout
The approved design is marked on the ground, and then the final design is marked on the ground with accurate orientation and dimensions.
Construction work
After the markings, the construction work is ready to start on the ground level. After making the ground level exterior, the structure will have a vision.
When the construction is over, it’s time to design and make interiors.
Check if everything is in accordance with the plan or not.


House construction takes a lot of time, effort and resources. However, after this process is finished the satisfaction that it provides to the family that is going to change that house into a home is like no other.

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