Vastu bed directions are guidelines for sleeping in a way to attracts positive vibes and repels bad traits. Each position has a significant impact on the sleeping people. However, you are permitted to stay with your head in any manner, according to Vastu. EXCEPT IN THE South.

It is the responsibility of all design professionals to consider this while constructing a building and to guarantee that all rooms are designed to accommodate the proper Vastu for the owners’ well-being.

It is extremely advisable to sleep with your head towards the north. For the person sleeping in such a posture, it might result in significant diseases and sleepless nights.

Sleeping facing south is strongly recommended by Vastu Shastra since it is said to provide quality sleep and increase wealth and status in the home.

Maintaining an eastern look increases brain, concentration, and overall health. To declarative memory, grasping strength, and attention, students should sleep with their faces towards East.


Falling asleep in the west is also a great idea. If you rest with your face towards the West, you will gain recognition, popularity, and richness.

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